BIO-FILM at the Nencki Institute

This film "Astonishing European Butterflies and Moths” directed by Nathalie Truchet and Yves Lanceau won the Prize for Educational movies during the 15 International Wlodzimierz Puchalski Festival of Nature Films in Lodz.

Astonishing European Butterflies and Moths
Ambassadors of the insects, butterflies have always inspired artists by their gracious manner of flying and their extraordinary pallet of colors. From the egg to the butterfly, this metamorphosis is not without danger. How then does it survive? Why be interested in the fate of these insects? Which role do they play in the biodiversity of our environment? In this documentary, you will experience an unique moment viewing the life of 37 European butterflies and 29 moths living in different ecosystems: country, near the sea and mountains

Merck is the media patron of the BIO-FILM project.

09 April 2014