Olympus scanning microscope

A simple fluorescent microscope consists of a wide-field Olympus microscope and a motorized stage, allowing to mount up to six slides simultaneously. Equipped with a fluorescent lamp and two cameras (monochrome and color: RGB camera, Camera Hamamatsu ORCA Flash4.0 V2). Detection in the 405-670 nm range using fluorescence filter cubes is possible. An automatic collection of images from several slides may be set.


PLAN APO N 2x/0.08 DRY
PLAN SAPO 10x/0.40 DRY
U PLAN 20x/0.75 DRY
UPLSAPO 40x/0.95 DRY"

Form of cooperation:
Microscope usage with assistance, hourly rate. Time-slots should be agreed upon in advance, individual pricing for larger projects. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, terms of equipment usage may change - please contact us to determine currently applicable rules.

Jędrzej Szymański, PhD