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The embryotransfer allows rederivation of the animal line back to the Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) status. The method guarantees the elimination of pathogens from the animal colony, enabling reproducible, reliable results. For more information please visit laboratory's homepage.
A method of preserving valuable transgenic lines in case of disease outbreak, animal fertility problems, spontaneous loss of phenotype, etc. The full cycle of strain cryopreservation and restoration from frozen material, involves the same biological steps, both for embryo and sperm. The ...
Generation of animal models (mice and rats) by classical transgenesis or using viral vectors. The transgenesis is carried out by the method of classical microinjection into the pronucleus using a micromanipulator (method improved by our team). Obtained zygotes are transferred into the fallopian ...
Genotyping services are performed on tissue specimens (a fragment of tail or ear tissue) provided by the client. Primers and protocol for PCR reaction should be established by the client although it is possible to commission those steps additionally (price estimation depends on the given ...
Bacterial plasmid isolation from an initial culture volume of 200-500 ml and an expected DNA yield of 500 to 850 µg. It may be a stand-alone service or precede the viral vectors production or obtaining transgenic animals.
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