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Research profile

Intracellular ion channels regulate many key cellular functions by controlling the ion fluxes across different intracellular compartments. Our laboratory is particular inter- ested in potassium channels found in inner mitochondrial membrane. We focus on pharmacology of intracellular potassium channels, interaction of potassium channel openers with mitochondria and the role of mitochondria in cytoprotection. Our overall objective is to study the role of intracellular potassium channels in cellular function during health and disease.

Current research activities

The laboratory, established in June 1999 is focused on mitochondrial potassium channels. We study the following topics:

  • interaction of mitochondrial potassium channels with regulatory proteins,
  • mechanism of (neuro) cytoprotective action of potassium channel openers,
  • functional role of mitochondrial ATP-regulated and BK-types potassium channels,
  • regulation of mitochondrial potassium channels by plant derived substances such as flavonoids, and gaseous signaling molecules,
  • role of mitochondrial potassium channels in skin physiology.

Selected publications

Laskowski M., Augustynek B., Kulawiak B., Koprowski P., Bednarczyk P., Jarmuszkiewicz, W., Szewczyk A. (2016) What do we not know about mitochondrial potassium channels? Biochim Biophys Acta-Bioenerg, 1857 (8): 1247-1257.

Toczyłowska-Mamińska R., Olszewska A., Laskowski M., Bednarczyk P., Skowronek K., Szewczyk A. (2014) Potassium channel in the mitochondria of human keratinocytes. J Invest Dermatol, 134 (3): 764-772.

Augustynek B., Kudin A.P., Bednarczyk P., Szewczyk A., Kunz W.S. (2014) Hemin inhibits the large conductance potassium channel in brain mitochondria: A putative novel mechanism of neurodegeneration. Exp Neurol, 257: 70-75.

Wrzosek A. (2014) The potassium channel opener NS1619 modulates calcium homeostasis in muscle cells by inhibiting SERCA. Cell Calcium, 56 (1): 14-24.

Bednarczyk P., Wieckowski M.R., Broszkiewicz M., Skowronek K., Siemen D., Szewczyk A. (2013) Putative Structural and Functional Coupling of the Mitochondrial BKCa Channel to the Respiratory Chain. PLoS ONE, 8 (6): e68125.