Zaproszenie na wykład dr. Grzegorza Sumary

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W dniu 18 listopada br. o godz. 15:00 odbędzie się wykład dr. Grzegorza Sumary, którego postępowanie habilitacyjne odbywa się przed Radą Naukową Instytutu Nenckiego.

Tytuł wykładu: "Kinase Signalling in Metabolic Diseases"



The dramatic increase in the incidence of obesity and type 2 diabetes (T2D) worldwide and the urgent need for new pharmacological therapies have greatly stimulated research in the area of energy metabolism.

T2D is characterized by peripheral insulin resistance in combination with relative insulin deficiency that results in hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia. Liver and adipose tissue are central for the regulation of glucose and lipids levels. During T2D the hepatic glucose uptake is reduced while rates of gluconeogenesis and lipogenesis are increased. In the adipose tissue, T2D leads to decreased glucose uptake, perturbations in secretion of adipokines and increased lipolysis. Dysfunction of liver and adipose tissue during T2D is caused by defective signaling cascades and their normalization was shown to attenuate the course of diabetes.

Using a combination of targeted and unbiased approach we are attempting to identify and characterize novel components of these pathways in adipocytes and hepatocytes, and in the longer perspective we aim to contribute to more targeted pharmacological strategies for the treatment of T2D.


Link do spotkania: https://zoom.us/j/98222231110?pwd=Uyt6Q29BaGlLSXBsUnJRQnpWc0pJZz09

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